Immerse your spectators in the world of your brand.


Do you have some fantastic Virtual Reality content? Loaded it to Facebook or YouTube only to find the image quality is downgraded? Not sure how to market your beautiful VR content that develops a measurable ROI?

Gaze is the perfect solution. This iOS app has been designed to showcase VR content in full HD. With gaze based rendering your VR content will be at it’s very best in visual delivery.

Full HD 360

High definition video and image capable.

Stereo Sound

Full digital stereo sound.

Customisable VR Platform

white label platform, your brand with your content.

In-Video Links & Triggers

Enabling dynamic and linked 360 video stories.

Image Rendering

Gaze based rendering for fast viewing of 360 video.

Gaze is a white label solution for iOS that has been built to be easily and simply re-skinned to reflect your brand and messaging.

Contact us for more details and costing to build your own white label version